Light Trail at Chittagong Flyover

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Light trail as vehicles ply over the flyover in Chittagong - also known as Muradpur to Lalkhan Bazar flyover or Akhtaruzzaman flyover. Shot on Canon EOS R5.

Unless I’ve forgotten, this is my first attempt at capturing light trail. I’ve done long exposure photography before. You may remember the night shot of the BMW X5 in Colorado, US. But this is the first time I’ve attempted a proper light trail photography, and I must say, I’m happy with the results.

Pictured is one of the several flyovers in the port city of Chittagong in Bangladesh. I’ve been to Chittagong several times, but only because it’s on the way to Cox’s Bazar sea beach, the most accessible tourist destination in Bangladesh. The flyovers help motorists pass the city much faster.

The interesting thing about this photo is it’s actually shot using my longest telephoto lens, the RF 100-500mm ƒ/4.5-7.1L. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I bought this lens on an impulse. I’ve always wanted to do a little bit of wildlife, and this was the perfect native RF lens for my EOS R5.

However, shortly after buying the lens, I was having second thoughts. When summer is here, I don’t think I’ll have it in me to go out and shoot under the heating sun. But selling gear is a pain, and refunds/returns aren’t a thing in this part of the world.

So I began pondering, could I do landscape and other types of photography with such a long lens?

Over the past week, I’ve got my answer. It’s a remarkable yes. You can absolutely do landscape and nature photography with a long telephoto. Today’s light trail is yet another proof; enough to convince me to keep the lens for the foreseeable future.

Exif Data

CameraCanon EOS R5
LensRF 100-500mm @ 135mm
Shutter Speed20s
Location:Chittagong, Bangladesh
Date Taken:January 4, 2023

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