One Little Flower

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Photo of a yellow flower, shot on Fujifilm X100V in Sreemangal, Bangladesh.

Two things that might stand out from the photo above: low contrast and slightly muted colors.

I’ve been finding myself a fan of low contrast photos. Especially when there isn’t a lot of stuff in the shadows, and the darker areas might as well be fully black, I find that turning it into a low contrast gives it sort of a muted feel that I’ve come to like.

On muted feel, I love colors as much as the next guy. But there’s a certain feeling when colors are slightly muted. Fujifilm cameras come with what’s called “Film Simulations” – and two of my favorites are Classic Chrome and Classic Negative.

I applied Classic Negative on this photo before making some other adjustments to turn it into low contrast.

Exif Data

CameraFujifilm X100V
Lens23mm ƒ/2
Shutter Speed1/60
Location:Sreemangal, Bangladesh
Date Taken:October 21, 2022

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