The Night Royce

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Night shot of a Rolls Royce in Dubai. Shot by Fujifilm X100V.

If you ask me which luxury car’s front I like the most, the answer will undoubtedly be the Rolls Royce. There’s just something elegant about the Rolls Royce’s front. The grille is big, but not in-your-face big like the BMW’s kidney. It’s also not overly sporty. It’s like a beacon of luxury that rolls the street quietly, in style.

I hope to drive a Rolls Royce someday. And it’s possible it’ll be in the streets of Dubai. 😀

This was shot through the glass at a rental place in Dubai Marina.

Exif Data

CameraFujifilm X100V
Lens23mm ƒ/2
Shutter Speed1/160
Location:Dubai Marina, UAE
Date Taken:September 29, 2022

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