‘Tis the iPhone Season

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iPhone 14 Pro sign at the Dubai Marina Mall.

If you’ve been to any of the major shopping malls in the past few weeks, chances are, you’ve seen this exact sign, no matter where you are.

On an unrelated note, the photo above is an unedited* jpeg from the Fujifilm X100V. There’s a lot of talk out there about the unmatched jpeg quality out of Fuji cameras. It might just be me who has a new camera, but I see a distinct “Fuji character” in all the Fuji shots, even in the mundane ones such as above.

(* I only ran ImageOptim to reduce the file size from 11.5 MB to 1.3 MB.)

Exif Data

CameraFujifilm X100V
Lens23mm ƒ/2
Shutter Speed1/200
Location:Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai
Date Taken:September 29, 2022

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